About Us


PDS Radon Supply is a provider of radon testing and mitigation supplies.

Since 1989, PDS has earned a reputation as a worldwide leader in the Radon Wholesale Supply Industry.  We supply and support the homeowner and the contractor/mitigator with outstanding products and superior customer service.

Radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer death in the United States, behind smoking.  It kills an estimated 22,000 people each year.  There is no known safe level of exposure to radon.  The EPA strongly recommends that you mitigate radon exposure in your home if tests show levels of 4.0 picocuries (pCi/L) or more.  Fortunately, radon gas can easily be tested for and mitigated to protect home occupants.  Learn more about testing for radon here.

PDS provides radon testing and mitigation supplies proven to be durable and reliable through years of field use.  We sell wholesale radon fans to the professional.  We also have a retail location for the do it yourself-er.  New products are completely researched and field tested before they are placed on the market.  PDS has a full line of radon removal fans and supplies with some of the best warranties on the market.  Read about our VALUES HERE

PDS’ ongoing commitment to radon specialists and homeowners is to provide accurate support and the finest supplies for you and your family’s health.  Although many radon professionals use PDS’ technical support, more and more homeowners are seeking support from us for radon testing and mitigation supplies.  Our consultants are the authors of the book, Protecting Your Home From Radon, that is found in many libraries around the country, or can be purchased from PDS.  If you are a professional servicing a problematic house for radon, or a homeowner who needs radon advice, we have both the assistance and the products to fill your needs.

PDS Radon Supply is an active sponsor and participant in AARST now the IEA (Indoor Environments Association).  Brent has presented numerous times at the International Radon Symposium.  PDS sponsors and donates to the AARST Foundation and many other causes focused on radon awareness and research.  Please support AARST & IEA members by choosing them for your testing and mitigation needs. 

PDS Radon Supply is family-owned and has operated as such since 1996.  Check out our “Meet the Team” page to learn more.