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Build right the first time with Soil Gas Collector from PDS!

The world’s scientific community has concluded that there is no safe level of radon gas; therefore, the onus is on building occupants to ensure that the air they breathe is healthy and safe. Typically this is done by the homeowner or builder venting radon gas in a safe and effective manner.  With PDS’ proprietary geotextile drainage matting a.k.a. soil gas collector mat (SGC) sometimes referred to as “vapor mat”, contractors, builders, mitigators, and, most importantly, homeowners can save time, energy, and money by building homes and commercial buildings “radon ready”.  In the industry, we call it radon ready new construction or RRNC for short.


Soil Gas Mat comes in 35′ rolls. 1″ thick and 12″ wide as specified in the ASTM International Guidelines for Radon Ready New Construction

RRNC means that if a building is found to have radon gas inside, mitigation is simple. A passive radon gas mitigation system has already been built, and by adding a radon fan a homeowner or specialist can activate the ventilation system and bring the radon levels down further. Radon ready does not mean a completed building will have no radon; however, if radon gas is found, mitigation is much cheaper and easier. No ugly fans on the outside of your building. No high wattage, noisy fans are necessary.  Simply install PDS’ geotextile drainage matting according to manufacturer instructions and you’re on your way to code compliance!

PDS supports American Manufacturing.  All soil gas collector mat is made in the USA.  Now, by building radon ready, you’re not only looking out for the health of homeowners, you’re protecting American jobs!

PDS sells our soil gas mat at wholesale prices for the professional contractor or mitigator. Our retail location supplies the homeowner as well. We ship anywhere in the country and have freight partners for international shipments. PDS is looking for distributors in all 50 states (inquire below).  Scroll up for our radon mat submittals.


Soil gas collector mat (SGC) A.K.A. vapor mat A.K.A. “Geotextile layer soil gas collector” A.K.A. Geotextile drainage mat is a semi-permeable hard plastic membrane that can withstand tremendous pressure.  It is placed directly on the “pad” or soil before a concrete foundation is poured.  When installed properly, the vapor mat creates an airway that bypasses the interior of the building and allows sub-slab gases or vapor (including radon) to vent safely to the outside air.  Passive RRNC systems give radon gas an “easy out”, however, radon can still enter the building through cracks and crevices.  It is still recommended that builders and homeowners test for radon at least once every two years.  If a high level is found, attach a qualified radon fan to the system and activate it. These radon gas mitigation systems will usually bring radon levels down significantly.  Soil Gas Collector Mat is extremely durable and can withstand work boots, wheelbarrows, and other common building site hazards (up to 3,000 PSI).

4″ Riser Design (2020)

T Riser vent stack allows for schedule 40, 4″ pipe to be directly inserted once the slab has cured. Riser can be cut to allow for up to 6″ diameter pipe.

PDS’ soil gas collector mat is manufactured right here in the USA.  Competitors products are typically ½” thick, but PDS’ SGC is a full 1” thick (as stipulated in the ASTM International Guidelines).  This allows for the best sub-slab communication.  Our 1″ thick mat has the same airflow as 4″ schedule 40 PVC perforated pipe, all while being low profile, making it a perfect fit for RRNC.  Soil gas collector mat does not need gravel to be effective either, which will significantly cut costs when compared to perforated pipe.

We have been installing PDS’ Soil Gas Collector Mat for years. We have installed miles of the product and have had fantastic results. The mat installs quickly and is easy to work with. The SGC mat has been a great addition to our product line.

Fred Ellrott
Somis, CA
NRPP #101023-RMT

Most, if not all, radon ready new construction codes list soil gas mat as an approved method of RRNC.

AARST-ANSI RRNC 2.0 (free to view just click the link)–for single family homes–lists soil gas collector mat as an approved method of Radon Ready New construction (As multifamily ANSI/AARST standards like CC1000).  Soil Gas Mat is used on HUD projects every day across the US.

If you’re in a state that follows NRPP protocol, like Colorado, please use the AARST ANSI links here.

ASTM international Guidelines list Soil Gas Mat as an approved method for Radon Ready New Construction.

Lastly, IRC 2015 code, section AF 103.2 Section three states acceptable RRNC methods include:

“3. Other materials, systems or floor designs with demonstrated capability to permit depressurization across the entire subfloor area.”

With over 20 years of successful installation in every US state, soil gas mat qualifies as a method under this code.  Most states and municipalities have no regulations for RRNC.   Those that do all approve of Soil Gas Mat (with some variations in recommended installation).  Colorado, for example, recommends but does not require soil gas mat for RRNC.

If you do not see your code listed, please call so Brent can review your guidelines and write up an “alternative methods request” if necessary.

Soil gas mat works: period.

Soil Gas Collector Mat Submittal Package PDS Radon Supply

Radon Mat Submittal Package above.

see link for various product safety specifications tested according to ASTM standards.

CSI# Radon Mitigation Venting 31 21 13.13  (according to the Construction Specifications Institute Master Format 2016)

PDS always offers the lowest price to trained and licensed radon mitigators.

We also offer discounts to licensed general contractors (please create account)

The best shipping rates come at 12 rolls or more.  Please call or fill out the quote form above.  Sometimes our website will overestimate shipping on this product.  Always call for the lowest rates.

Great news!  We’re just a short call away and can quote your radon gas mitigation project typically the very same day.  You can also fill out THIS FORM and we will email you a quote ASAP*. When planning a job yourself, use the guidelines below:

SGC vapor mat must run around the entire perimeter of the building.  It requires a “T-riser” to vent approximately every 2,000 sq ft.  T-risers often need a nail to keep them in place and SGC requires staples every 2-3 feet, especially if it will be down for a few days before the slab is poured, or it is installed in windy conditions.  For areas when SGC crosses or connects, there are a variety of connection types and builder preferences vary by region, please visit our products page to see more.  Architects, see our sample drawing below.


PDS has designed a steel sleeve in order to go through footers and span trenches.  Simply thread the mat through the sleeve and pour concrete.  Saving time and money.  24″ long by 1″ high by 12″ wide.

New 36″ long sleeve available now

For SGC Mat. 24″ long by 1″ high by 12″ wide

PDS’ plastics manufacturer saw intermittent shortages throughout 2020.  In order to meet demand, this alternate design was made and approved.  You may see a mixture of new and old designs.  Each works effectively.  If you need a riser for 6″ PVC, please specify in your order.


Alternate T riser design. Interchangeable with original. Fits 4″ or 3″ PVC


Follow the instructions on this easy-to-use pdf: Radon Mat Install Guide_2020

Or watch the video at the top of this page.

Make your own “puzzle pieces” using a box cutter and PDS Seam Tape

Simply cut back the grey fabric, cut out the black plastic, re-affix the plastic pieces together, return the grey fabric, and tape to ensure no concrete gets in.

Instructions on this easy-to-use pdf: Radon Mat Install Guide_2020

How To Video at the top of this page.

See the sample drawing and video:


Soil gas collector goes around the perimeter of the building.  T-riser exhausts are placed every ~2,000 sq ft of slab.  T-risers are typically hidden in chases and mechanical rooms, as “activated” systems create air noise that can be heard by occupants (always try to keep exhausts out of bedrooms).  For very large buildings, runs of mat can be added every 3,000-4,000 sq ft.  Many architects use too much mat on their first drawing which not only wastes material, but in some cases can make the systems less effective.  Take advantage of Professional Discount Supply’s free quotes and see if your drawing matches up with our recommendation!

Check out our short instructional videos on YouTube for more info

Soil Gas Collector Mat Submittal Package PDS Radon Supply

Theoretically, our soil gas collector will reduce all soil gasses when installed correctly.  Some Volatile Organic Compounds (like Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, Cis-1,2-Dichloroethene, or Vinyl Chloride) can interact with building materials, so always check with the job’s chemist and engineer to ensure compatibility.  Other VOCs, like methane, can create a fire hazard at high concentrations, which means the job needs non-sparking or explosion proof fans.  Ask Brent about information on these.

The only way to know if you have dangerous radon levels is to perform a short term test once the building is complete.  This is why “building radon ready” is so important!  Make sure you place a KTA low voltage wire (or 120V standard outlet) within six feet of the T riser exhaust stack in the attic or unoccupied garage space.  

Best practice: A cylindrical space having a vertical height of not less than 36 inches [91cm] and a diameter of not less than 21 inches [53 cm] shall be provided in the area where the ASD fan will be installed, if required.

If high radon levels are found, you can simply cut the pipe and add your radon fan to activate your system.  Don’t forget to place caution labels on all exhaust stacks as well.

Be sure to add a rain cap or exhaust guard to the system during construction to keep critters and rainfall from entering.  Raincaps should be substituted for exhaust guards on active systems so as not to hinder fan airflow.

PDS’ Soil Gas Collector can move the equivalent air of 4″ perforated piping.  For more accurate measurements, use the PFEDK from Fantech.

PDS’ Soil Gas Collector can support the weight of a 4″ concrete pad as it sets.  10.8 psi or 1,555 psf

While you can buy Soil Gas Collector off this site, you get the most accurate shipping rates over the phone.  SGC has a high dimensional weight and our shipping rates fluctuate often.  Give us a quick call, say hello, and your mat can ship today!

If you prefer, fill out this form to get a free quote.*

With PDS’ Soil Gas Collector Mat, builders across the world are protecting the health of their building occupants, all while cutting radon gas mitigation costs.  PDS’ SGC has been installed in RRNC successfully across North America and SE Asia (South Korean RRNC Study with PDS Mat HERE).  

Call today for the best shipping rates to your job site!

*We ask for 2-3 business day’s notice for complimentary foundation drawings; though often drawings are returned much faster.  Foundation drawings must be easily decipherable and sent as an uncompressed .pdf or .ai file.  Dropbox links or zip files will not be accepted.  Scale must be accurate and clearly notated.

It is recommended you store materials in a weather-proof container.  Our lead times are typically 4-14 days, so there is little reason to ship materials months in advance.  Submit POs with ship dates for the best results.


Prolonged UV exposure will damage the product.  Please install a few days before concrete pour and do not store outdoors for more than 30 days.

At PDS, we want Radon Ready New Construction to flourish.  We’d like our SGC mat to be in every residential building across the globe.  We cannot do that alone.  Please call 719-444-0646 to learn about distribution opportunities in your region.  PDS distributors typically stock 180 rolls of SGC mat to obtain best pricing.  We support you through technical guidance and quote support for your customer.