Mission and Values


It is the mission of PDS Radon Supply to improve indoor air quality—and in turn, the health of citizens across the globe—through the manufacture and distribution of high quality fans and fan-related accessories.  We will do so with the help of our qualified professional partners across the world.  We will provide high-quality materials at an affordable price. While working with professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners alike, we will treat our customers with the utmost respect and courtesy.




Although PDS seeks to positively affect global consciousness through a myriad of principles, we hold these values in particularly high esteem: Vitality, Integrity, Sustainability.  


Vitality: The PDS team is focused on healthy living, both at home and in our work.  By helping to provide clean air to home dwellers, we enhance vitality.


Integrity: Honesty is the best policy.  While mistakes are inevitable, the PDS team strives to do our best in every situation and scenario.  We promise to be honest and open with our customers, vendors, and the world at large.


Sustainability: While our products help sustain a healthy home, we have but one shared home: this planet.  The PDS team and our work systems are designed to be as sustainable as is feasible with our current knowledge and resources.  We always hope to improve our professional environment and practices so as to have as little negative impact on the world at large as possible.