Whole House Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and healthy air is more than radon-free air.  Keep your home free from dust particles and mold spores with whole home HEPA filtration systems from PDS!  Carbon Dioxide in the home and VOCs can be limited with air to air exchanges using heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators, sometimes called HRVs and ERVs.

The new HERO series of Fresh Air Appliances from Fantech offer the best of filtration and air exchange with MERV8 filters and 81% thermal efficiency.

Protect your family from harmful allergens, mold, and dust with a HEPA filtration system.  Noxious VOCs can be limited with an air-to-air exchanger, sometimes called a fresh air appliance.  In cold climates, a heat recovery ventilator should be used.  In humid, warm climates an energy recovery ventilator should be used.  PDS can help you size the perfect HRV or ERV for your home.

High carbon dioxide levels can make occupants sleepy and unproductive.  Headaches and fatigue are common symptoms of increased CO2 levels in the home.  Air cycling with HRVs or ERVs can mitigate high CO2 levels in the home.

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Showing all 13 results