See what satisfied PDS customers have to say:


“I appreciate what you guys do. When I have questions, you have the answers”

Roger Martin
Owner, Martin Maintenance LLC
Great Falls, MT


“I’ve installed over 1,500 KTA low voltage systems in my career, and I’ve had a problem with exactly one.  Fantech’s 150 fan is a great product!  With a hydro-sep, they’ll last twice as long!”

Doug Bowen, Certified Radon Mitigator
Owner, Pike’s Peak Radon
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 633-7567


“Your customer service is superlative.  You’ve got a customer for life”

Alan Selch
Owner, Epic Enviro Systems
Steamboat Springs, CO


“I had several questions and concerns about the radon system recently installed on a home I just purchased.  Brent answered all my questions and provided additional information. He didn’t have to spend time on the phone to make sure I understood the system, but he did.  When I went in a few days later to purchase a radon test, the customer service I received onsite was just as outstanding.  I’m glad I have such a great resource for further issues. Highly recommend this great business. Thank you so much!

Kim Jones, local homeowner


“We have been installing PDS’ Soil Gas Collector Mat for years. We have installed miles of the product and have had fantastic results. The mat installs quickly and is easy to work with. The SGC mat has been a great addition to our product line.”

Fred Ellrott, Certified Radon Mitigator
Somis, CA
NRPP #101023-RMT
(805) 732-2476


“OMG THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was finally able to sleep in my bedroom last night since November!! My husband put the [LDVI ]couplers you suggested that I purchased from you on the radon fan pipe with the fan. That was our whole issue was the 3 to 4 couplers.
You have solved our issue with noise and vibration seeping into the house.
Thank you for all your help and correspondence.
Warm regards,
[Satisfied Homeowner]


“Brent’s marketing advice has been invaluable.  I got three jobs the first week after implementing his suggestions.  Over forty additional jobs after just a few months!

Aaron Woodfield
Owner, Radon Free Colorado
Castle Rock, CO
(303) 305-8419



“The Fantech PFEDK is by far the best mitigation tool we have ever used! In the past, we would spend excess time determining pipe runs, air flow, and resistance. Deciding the right fan was only as good as our calculations and sometimes using a vacuum cleaner and a pitot tube would be misleading because of its differences from a radon mitigation fan. The Fantech PFEDK allows us to save time and money by determining the exact airflow and the exact radon fan every single job. It takes all the guesswork out and does all of the math and calculations for us. Every mitigator should have this tool! I highly recommend it!”

Merritt Gantt, President and NRPP Radon Mitigator,
True Air Technologies, North & South Carolina

“We love the LDVI couplers, and use them on all of our systems. We have demanding clients, and it’s good to know we are installing the quietest couplers on the market.” 

Nate Burger, Certified Radon Mitigator
Owner, EcoHandyman
Boulder, CO
(303) 444-2181

High-Suction Rn4EC with low durometer couplers

“The Rn4EC is an incredible fan.  We originally used a medium suction/medium volume fan on a home which took it from 42 pCi/L to 6.8 pCi/L.  We were considering adding a second system when the Rn4EC was released.  The Rn4EC brought the home all the way down to 0.9 pCi/L without adding a new system!  The homeowners were extremely satisfied.” 

Roger Martin
Owner, Martin Maintenance LLC
Great Falls, MT


“Every mitigator needs the Rn4EC fan in their toolkit.  I use it to get depressurization on tough soils.  Usually I have to stack two other fans.  With this fan I just need one.”

Mark Bonar
Owner, Radon Solutions of West Virginia
Wheeling, WV

On Fantech’s Rn2 & Rn4 EC series’ energy saving speed-control:

“It’s so nice to just install and dial it in. No need to swap between different fans. It costs more, but my labor is cut down. These would be really nice for new mitigators that just want to carry two fans and don’t understand fan curves or all the different fan models. The two EC fans have you covered.  We fixed a house using only 4.5 watts of electricity!”

Jesse Green,
Owner, American Radon Mitigation
Anoka, MN


“We had a home with over 40 pCi/L, 5,000 sq ft footprint, and got it down below 2.0 pCi/L with one Rn4EC! One fan does it all!

Kurt Salomon
Owner, Abodee Inc
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 683-0071


“I installed the Rn2EC today. That thing is whisper quiet. The contractor that installed the radon system was here doing some furnace work for me and he did not believe it was even running until he looked at the manometer.”

Satisfied Homeowner wishing to remain anonymous