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"T Risers" are installed approximately every 2,000 sq feet underneath the slab for radon-ready new construction in conjunction with Soil Gas Mat (SGM) to allow for radon gas to be exhausted safely. New 4" riser design has quickly become our most popular.  For 3" pipe, use standard PVC reducers after stubbing up 4" PVC. Several alternate designs were introduced in 2020 in order to meet demand.  Alternate designs are interchangeable and have all been tested to meet our standards.  See photos or call for more details.



Amazon price match guarantee on this item!  If you see a lower price on Amazon, email us a screenshot and call to order.  Spend with a family-owned company with no plans to build an ego rocket built on the backs of underpaid workers and blast off into space! Award-winning EcoQube Features:
  • Industry leading radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour per pCi/L - 15 times more sensitive than industry standard
  • Multiple Users
  • Read from anywhere with WiFi and iOS/Android App
  • Risk at a glance with LED lights
  • Compact size (smaller than a Rubic's Cube)
  • One-year warranty
  • CES award winner!


Cox Caulk Applicator for use with 20 oz "sausage" caulk tubes. 20V and other sizes and specs available as well.  Call Brent for pricing and information!


Cox Caulk Applicator for use with 20 oz "sausage" caulk tubes. Available in RED only Electric guns available as well.  Call for more information!


Barrier tape for connecting cut sections of radon barrier to each other.  Use Double Sided Tape or Caulk for adhering to construction materials like concrete and wood.


Double Sided Viper Tape for Premium Crawl Space Barrier.  Adheres to most construction materials including wood & concrete.  For seam-to-seam tape, see PDS Premium Seam Tape.  90 feet long.  In-house testing shows adhesion to RUFCO barrier &  Stego 6 mil barrier!


Easy application for crawlspace encapsulation.  Use caulk or double bond tape.  No terminal bars needed.  Strong but lightweight.  Your customers will appreciate the tough material with clean looks.  Rolls are folded once (~6 ft long).


Used in order to protect radon exhaust systems from debris and "critters" 3" or 4" schedule 40 compatible! 3" schedule 40 PVC slides directly inside the cap and can be secured with PVC glue and caulk. Cap also slides inside 4" schedule 40 PVC and is then secured with caulk and optional screws.  


The Rn2, one of Fantech's most popular fans, now comes in a speed controlled model.  It's output can be tailored to the exact pressure field extension needed for each job.  EC speed control can lower noise, energy, and fan curve all at once.
"It's so nice to just install and dial it in. No need to swap between different fans. It costs more, but my labor is cut down. These would be really nice for new mitigators that just want to carry two fans and don't understand fan curves or all the different fan models. The two EC fans have you covered.  We fixed a house using only 4.5 watts of electricity!" Jesse Green, Owner, American Radon Mitigator Anoka, MN 612-790-2928


Provide your family with fresh indoor air with an 81% thermally efficient, energy-star rated heat recovery ventillator by Fantech.


Learn how to set up your KTA here Low Durometer, Vibration-Isolating KTA-150 Mitigation Package (Outside) includes:
  • KTA-150 Original Low Voltage fan.
  • Electronic system indicator (install inside home).
  • Two LDVI flexible fan to 4" pipe couplers.
  • 50' of cable with integral electrical disconnect.
  • Charcoal canister short-term radon test kit & analysis.
  • Alpha Track long-term radon test kit & analysis.
  • Three system CAUTION labels.
  • Hydro-sep water separation device to protect fan longevity.


Low-Durometer, Vibration-isolating coupling, in white.  Now available for use with ANY fan make or model.  Isolates vibration in fan housing, which in turn can lower noise.   Price for one single coupler.  Two couplers per radon fan.


Low-Durometer, Vibration-isolating coupling (single), in white.  Now available for use with any fan make or model.  Isolates vibration in fan housing, which in turn can lower noise. Priced for SINGLE Coupler.  Need two per fan.


For SGC Mat that needs to go under heavy footers. Also available in 36".  Call for pricing and availability!  


3/24/20  COVID 19 Shelter in Place Issued for Alpha Energy Labs in Texas

Test kits will continue to be tested as normal, but due to reduced staff, expect slight delays.

Please call PDS for updates and information


Measure suction and determine performance of your mitigation system.  Req.  Also includes stickers and caution labels for initial installation records and installer name and license #.   0" does not mean zero radon.  It means that your fan is turned off or not working.   Even lines not at zero can also mean a broken fan.  You want the two sides to read different levels.  The higher the level in inches, the less airflow.  Zero is zero airflow.

0" of W.C.  please perform radon test immediately


The KTA Low-Voltage Radon System is the original low-voltage Radon mitigation system.  Field tested for over 30 years, it's one of the best selling systems in the country.  For use in instances when fans will be installed away from a power source, the KTA systems allows for fans to be placed up to 100 ft away from a wall outlet.  50' is our most popular cable length.  Cable may be cut short by installer if all 50' not needed. Cut your plastic use!  Box housing made of USA Steel!  Assembled by hand in Colorado, USA!


Cosmetically appealing, Rn2SL is designed for exterior installation and comes with everything you need.  The housing can be painted to match the exterior of the building as well.


Lexan plastic sump lid for radon mitigation and radon sealing. 1/4" PVC plastic. Cut to desired dimensions. 24" x 24". With pipe grommets.


For Floor Suction Pits Drill 6 1/4" core hole exhausts to 4" schedule 40 pipe Makes extracting the recommended 15+ gallons of dirt and debris much, much easier.  Save time and have a clean look.


PDS' proprietary Soil Gas Collector (SGC) for radon-ready new construction (sometimes called vapor mat).  This product to be used in conjunction with T-risers in order to create a pathway for radon gas (and/or vapor) to flow from underneath the building's foundation. Architects/Contractors/Mitigators, please call ahead to have SGC added to you foundation plans free of charge.  Learn more at our Build Radon Ready page Wanna make your own design in minutes?  It's easy, check out our short tutorial here Our web algorithm tends to overestimate shipping, please order this material by phone.  This ensures the best price and we can give you an immediate estimate on availability.


Sometimes called a "beauty ring" the 4" Cosmetic Flange allows you to hide your cuts in drywall for a cleaner look.  Simply wrap around the PVC and slide against the wall.  Optional: secure with caulk or spray foam.








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