Soil Gas Mat and Radon Barriers

Active soil depressurization, sometimes called Sub-Slab Soil Depressurization, requires sealing the slab, crawlspace, or basement to prevent radon entry before activating a system by installing a radon fan.  Plan ahead: use PDS’ soil gas collector mat for Radon Ready New Construction.  One inch thick by twelve inches wide, PDS’ soil gas vapor mat gives you perfect pressure field extension and moves the equivalent amount of air as 4″ perforated pipe.

Visit our build radon ready page for videos, FAQs, photos, and more!

For crawlspace encapsulation systems, use PDS’ radon barrier.  Strong, but easy to maneuver, this 3 mil barrier has the strength of competing 10 mil barriers.  Seal at least one foot up foundation walls with SM7108 caulking.  Seams can be sealed with caulk or “radon barrier tape”.  Check for leaks with a smoke pen or powder puffer.  Use old carpet pieces under the barrier if you plan on using it as a storage area.  You can also use perforated pipe beneath your barrier to give better pressure field extension for your radon system.

PDS also sells 6 mil vapor barrier, 10 mil vapor barrier, 6, 10 & 15 mil sub slab barriers for pre pour!

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Showing 1–16 of 32 results