KTA Low-Voltage System (24V) | Our most popular system for a reason, find out why:


The ORIGINAL Low Voltage fan: Trusted for over 30 years!   Class II LV!  Competitors systems feature extremely short outdoor cable runs.  The KTA can run up to 99′ outdoors.  The 24V KTA system features redundant thermal cutoffs and integral electrical disconnects.  This whole system package includes: one 50′ KTA system; 2 low-durometer, vibration-isolating couplings; one short-term radon test kit; one Alpha Track long-term radon test kit & analysis; three system labels; and one hydro-sep condensation bypass.  Call now for technical support and fan sizing for your home!

SKU: 10-002-1C-L
Warranty Period: 5 Year Limited


PDS supplies equipment proven to be durable and reliable through years of field use. New products are completely researched and field tested before they are placed on the market.

"T Risers" are installed approximately every 2,000 sq feet underneath the slab for radon-ready new construction in conjunction with Soil Gas Mat (SGM) to allow for radon gas to be exhausted safely. New 4" riser design has quickly become our most popular.  For 3" pipe, use standard PVC reducers after stubbing up 4" PVC. Several alternate designs were introduced in 2020 in order to meet demand.  Alternate designs are interchangeable and have all been tested to meet our standards.  See photos or call for more details.


Amazon price match guarantee on this item!  If you see a lower price on Amazon, email us a screenshot and call to order.  Spend with a family-owned company with no plans to build an ego rocket built on the backs of underpaid workers and blast off into space! Award-winning EcoQube Features:
  • Industry leading radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour per pCi/L - 15 times more sensitive than industry standard
  • Multiple Users
  • Read from anywhere with WiFi and iOS/Android App
  • Risk at a glance with LED lights
  • Compact size (smaller than a Rubic's Cube)
  • One-year warranty
  • CES award winner!


Cox Caulk Applicator for use with 20 oz "sausage" caulk tubes. 20V and other sizes and specs available as well.  Call Brent for pricing and information!


Barrier tape for connecting cut sections of radon barrier to each other.  Use Double Sided Tape or Caulk for adhering to construction materials like concrete and wood.